Improved curtain-fixture

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  • Publication Date: October 08, 1861
  • Publication Number: US-33461-A



dNITE STATES PATENT OFFICE. HENRY IV. OHACE, OF FALL RIVER, MASSACHUSETTS, ASSIGNGR TO MERVIN Y ROHAOE, OF SAME PLACE. IMPROVED CU RTAlN-FIXT'U RE. Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 33,46] dated October 8, 1861. T0 LM whom t nfl/ty concern: Be it known that I, HENRY WV. CHACE, ot' Fall River, in the county of Bristol and State of Massachusetts, have invented a new and useful or Improved Bracket or Curtain-Rod Supporter; and I do hereby declare the same to be fully described in the following specitication and represented in the accompanying drawings, of Which- Figure l denotes a front end elevation,Fi`g. 2 a rear elevation, Fig. 3 a side view, and Fig. 4 a longitudinal section,of my saidin vention. The nature ot my invention consists in an improved article to be applied to a bedstead or other article to support the rods of a curtain to be applied to such bedstead. It is well known that serious objections eX- ist to the common method of applying a curtain or tlounce to a bedstead-viz., attaching the top part of the ounce to the rails of the bedstead by means of tacks or nails. As the curtains or flounces have often to be removed, they soon become seriously injured or torn while being removed. To remedy this, as Well as other disadvantages attending the application of the curtains to abedstead, has been theobject ot' my invention. In carrying out my said invention I construct or cast the said curtain-supporter in one piece of metal and of eithera cylindrical or frusto-conical shape. The inner end of the said supporter has a cylindrical chamber or socket formed in it for reception of the end of a curtain-rod, such chamber extending in a longitudinal direction about three-fourths the length of the supporter, and,furtherinore, a hole or passage is formed through the rear Wall of such chamber for the reception of the screw, which secures the supporter to the bedpost. In the said drawings, A denotes the body of the supporter, B the cylindrical chamber or. socket, and C the passage for the screw, which is to confine the supporter in place. In the adaptation of an article to a bedfratne it is very essential that there should be as few joints or holes in the same as possible, in order to avoid as much as possible forming retreats for bugs or insects. This I have aimed at in my invention. In applying a tlounce or curtain to a bedstead by means of my invention the curtain is to be attached to one or more bars or rods by rings or otherwise, and each end of such rods is to be insertedin one of the supporters, which are to be attached by tacks or screws to the bed-posts upon its opposite sides. One end of such rod having been introduced into a socket of the supporter, the other end is to besprung into one in the same line on the opposite post- Having described my invention, I claim- A bracket or curtain-rod supporter constructed substantially in manner as set forth, as a new article of manufacture not heretofore known. HENRY WI. CHACE. Witnesses: L. S. MARING, E. WILLIAMS.



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