Sliding sash



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a sliding sash which comprises a first regulation piece for maintaining a closed state of a paper sliding door and a second regulation piece for maintaining a half-open state and in which one regulation piece is automatically released from the functional state thereof and the other regulation piece can be brought into a functioning state.SOLUTION: In a lateral frame 1' of an outer paper sliding door Db, a regulation piece 4' for paper sliding door closed state maintenance and a regulation piece 4 for half-open state maintenance which are selectively protruded by linking means at positions overlapped with a door tail frame 3 of an inner paper sliding door Da or a longitudinal member of a sash frame in a paper sliding door approach direction are provided side by side in the paper sliding door approach direction. And, there are provided a pair of regulation pieces 4 and 4' for paper sliding door closed state maintenance and half-open state maintenance where the linking means is accommodated in the lateral frame 1' so as to freely turn longitudinally axially, and an operation member 8 which is interposed between the regulation pieces 4 and 4' and slid along the paper sliding door approach direction by operation from the outside of the lateral frame 1'. The regulation pieces 4 and 4' comprise projections 404 and 404' which are protruded on routes of both end portions of the operation member 8 by energization of springs 11 and 11' and pressed with the end portions.
【課題】 障子の半開放状態を維持するための第一規制駒と、半開放状態を維持するための第二規制駒を備え、一方の規制駒をその機能している状態から自動的に解放して、他方の規制駒を機能させる状態に置くことのできるスライディングサッシを提供する。 【解決手段】 外障子Dbの横框1´に、内障子Daの戸尻框3又はサッシ枠の縦材と障子見付け方向に重なり合う位置に連動手段によって選択的に突出させる障子閉塞状態維持用規制駒4´と半開放状態維持用規制駒4を、障子見付け方向に並べて設ける。そして、連動手段を、横框1´内に縦軸回動自在に収設した障子閉塞状態維持用と半開放状態維持用の、一対の規制駒4,4´と、該規制駒4,4´間に介装し、前記横框1´外部からの操作によって障子見付け方向に沿って摺動する操作材8とを備える。前記各規制駒4,4´には、前記操作材8の両端部の進路上にばね11,11´付勢によって突出して、該端部に押圧される突出部404,404´を設けた構成とする。 【選択図】 図3




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