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US-5952179-A: Screens for mutations in the anti-proliferation domain of human Bcl-2 patent, US-6171888-B1: Multi-layer tab tape having distinct signal, power and ground planes, semiconductor device assembly employing same, apparatus for and method of assembling same patent, US-6654323-B2: Method of tracking servo for optical pickup device patent, US-6655811-B2: Theft-proof removable door handle illumination device patent, US-3607362-A: Plastisol gasket composition patent, US-3614170-A: Apportioning valves for brake systems patent, US-3737345-A: Protected thermoelectric elements and method of protecting same patent, US-3849252-A: Enzyme composition and process for the manufacture thereof patent, US-3965938-A: Pipe restraint device patent, US-4080828-A: Liquid level detecting apparatus patent, US-4157425-A: Catalytic process for the preparation of phosphazene polymers patent, US-4190835-A: Editing display system with dual cursors patent, US-4192208-A: Transverse dividing shear for rolling-mill products, especially heavy plate patent, US-4229038-A: Portable folding table and chairs patent, US-4500857-A: Frequency modulated phase locked loop patent, US-4703460-A: Method and apparatus for acoustic dipole direct shear wave well logging patent, US-4742126-A: Process for preparing unsaturated fluoroelastomers patent, US-4777714-A: Quick-change mount for chucks patent, US-4780137-A: A process for producing a mixed gas patent, US-4934391-A: Dibasic esters for cleaning electronic circuits patent, US-5145503-A: Process product, and powder for producing high strength structural member patent, US-5193325-A: Standardized portable housing unit patent, US-5370971-A: Epoxy based photopolymerizable composition patent, US-5394263-A: Method and apparatus for attenuating a light beam patent, US-5437882-A: Controller for a feed grain conditioner patent, US-5681305-A: Molten adhesive fibers and products made therefrom patent, US-5707933-A: Herbicidal pyrazolyloxy-picolinamides patent, US-5958743-A: Stereospecific bioconversion of benzyl acetoacetate to benzyl-(s)-(+)-hydroxybutyrate patent, US-6258659-B1: Embedded vertical DRAM cells and dual workfunction logic gates patent, US-6670973-B1: System and method for representing the information technology infrastructure of an organization patent, US-3584633-A: Assembly for reverse flushing automotive type torque converters patent, US-3774401-A: Automatic control system for use with a hydraulic drive system patent, US-3783582-A: Shrink-film capping machine patent, US-3844713-A: Alkyl and aryl phosphites to inhibit ozone fading of dyed polyamides patent, US-3880786-A: Graft copolymer preparation patent, US-3931459-A: Video disc patent, US-4009200-A: Hexahalo-1,4-dihydro-1,4-methano-napth-5,8-ylene acetates patent, US-4010261-A: Method to prevent reproduction with [Des-Gly]10 -GN-RH nonadeptide amide analogs in position patent, US-4207497-A: Ballast structure for central high frequency dimming apparatus patent, US-4340308-A: Method and apparatus for producing fluidized lime patent, US-4421033-A: Exercise projectile patent, US-4452839-A: Form and method of fabricating a glass lampshade patent, US-4517518-A: Circuit arrangement for reconstructing noise-affected signals patent, US-5031470-A: Device for converting linear reciprocating motion to rotary motion patent, US-5070920-A: Debarker knife assembly patent, US-5105029-A: Process for recovering a lower alcohol from a catechol-lower alcohol reaction product solution patent, US-5136196-A: Umbilical release mechanism patent, US-5163084-A: Voice information service system and method utilizing approximately matched input character string and key word patent, US-5205702-A: Device for introducing rolled-steel sections into a cold shear patent, US-5257493-A: Method and machine for packing ice cream cones patent, US-5508855-A: Tracking threshold circuit for peak detection patent, US-5612239-A: Use of oxide spacers formed by liquid phase deposition patent, US-5722318-A: Olive stoning machines patent, US-6012966-A: Precision polishing apparatus with detecting means patent, US-6037317-A: Aqueous cleaning compositions containing a 2-alkyl alkanol, H2 . O.sub2, an anionic and a low HLB nonionic patent, US-6315469-B1: Tool and method for adjustment of printhead to platen spacing in a printer patent, US-6475431-B1: Corrosion inhibitors with low environmental toxicity patent, US-6531179-B2: Use of aqueous polymer dispersions for modifying mineral coatings for concrete moldings patent, US-3872045-A: Fluorinated epoxy resins containing polytetrafluoroalkylene fillers patent, US-3908163-A: Bandwidth limit circuit for step voltage regulator patent, US-3929846-A: Ether triester derivatives of p-dioxanone patent, US-4045503-A: Alkyl fluoride storage stabilization and alkylation with stored alkyl fluoride patent, US-4078050-A: Deodorant compositions and process of deodorizing using 2,4-disubstituted 6-hydroxy-1,3-dioxane compounds patent, US-4106922-A: Alkaline decomposition process for producing calcined phosphate fertilizer patent, US-4107745-A: Tape speed control apparatus patent, US-4118838-A: Pipe clamp patent, US-4144684-A: Glazing unit patent, US-4203337-A: Large scale integrated circuit chip for an electronic organ patent, US-4245084-A: Thermotropic, wholly aromatic polythiolesters capable of forming an anisotropic melt and a process for preparing the polythiolesters patent, US-4343932-A: Unsaturated polyester composition patent, US-4381960-A: Method of manufacturing a filament wound article patent, US-4385305-A: Recording member patent, US-4396033-A: Flow volume control device for a power assisted steering device patent, US-4451001-A: Wrap around sleeve for tapered tub patent, US-4540166-A: Automatic feeder patent, US-4611051-A: Novel poly(ester-amide) hot-melt adhesives patent, US-4624401-A: Device for driving fastening elements patent, US-4742549-A: Procedure for watching over the area in front of a lift patent, US-4870636-A: Optical information processing apparatus and cleaning cartridge patent, US-4873173-A: Method of forming image providing a change in sensitivity by altering the pH of the developer patent, US-5041034-A: Generating device for marine propulsion engine patent, US-5356698-A: Adhesive agent for substrate of electroless plating, printed circuit board using same, and method of producing same patent, US-5382345-A: Apparatus for simultaneously coating a film of magneto-optical recording medium on a plurality of disk substrates patent, US-5425090-A: System and method for providing advanced intelligent network services patent, US-5471919-A: Automatic baling press with two cases rotatable on a carousel patent, US-5527576-A: Heat-sealable plastic films patent, US-5703999-A: Process for reducing data in the transmission and/or storage of digital signals from several interdependent channels patent, US-5725072-A: Speed change gear device with lubricating auxiliary vessel patent, US-2015034607-A1: Grinding system and spot welding system patent, US-5910569-A: Iodothyronine polymers patent, US-6242990-B1: Quadrature phase shift keyed/bi-phase shift keyed modulator patent, US-6294773-B1: Microwaving in a carousel with magnetrons below a food product isolated by a nonconductor patent, US-6355501-B1: Three-dimensional chip stacking assembly patent, US-6519334-B1: Method for processing incoming call in exchange system patent, US-3777233-A: Method and device for determining the speed of a member patent, US-3868565-A: Object tracking and orientation determination means, system and process patent, US-3877584-A: Apparatus for loading sod on pallets patent, US-3951693-A: Ion-implanted self-aligned transistor device including the fabrication method therefor patent, US-3960220-A: Subsoil plow patent, US-3987722-A: Dual printing with single master supply source patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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